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Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Black Hebrews from America

Unfortunately this group of people clearly aren't really converted. I think they have formed this group, because they want to rebel against the American society which treats black Americans still bad. Though I agree (as white male) with some doctrines of them, the main doctrine they teach is still wrong and false.

It's wrong to form your own religion, no matter what the reason is. They preach that God hates whites and only loves blacks; they are referring to Jacob and Esau, because somewhere in the bible it's written (Romans 9:13) that God loves Jacob, but hates Esau because they assume that Esau must be white, because of his red hair and Jacob black. This is NOT the  meaning of that bible scripture.

The bible text is not about the election to salvation, but the election of Israel. God had chosen Jacob as a forefather of the nation Israel. The birthright went to Jacob, and Esau was the oldest. This scripture does not mean that God hated Esau, but the meaning of hate here is: putting in second place. God put Esau in second place, after Jacob.