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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Yes, 1.5 months free from labour!

Though I wished I could be on a holiday at a tropical beach, I have taken 1.5 months off from work, because I'm expecting a little one in December! My wife and I have spent a lot of our money on the baby room, clothes, etcetera, etcetera. Also my mom will come to help us out for 2 months, but only in the weekends. My mother-in-law lives too far to be there every weekend, she lives in Gloucester. After a period of trying to get pregnant, luck has finally stricken us: actually, the Lord did this. He told me long time ago that we will have a child, we only need to be patient. God was and is ALWAYS right winking


  1. So cool Ian! I didn't know your wife is pregnant. Good luck to you both. I will pray for you :)

  2. Rejoice patience has paid off in the end ;-)

  3. That's great news Ian! Congratulations xx

  4. Congrats Ian, I'm very happy for you...


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    1. I'm kinda late with my response, but thanks for your comments!